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General Questions

Do you have any catalogues?
Yes, we do have catalogues. Catalogues can be provided upon request. All catalogues are $10 plus shipping charge. As we approach to the digital age, the digital online catalog or the spreadsheet catalogs are now more often used, if you would like to open a wholelsale account, those information will be provided if requested.

It has been awhile since I ordered, what is going on?
Your order might be delayed for a few reasons. Most likely is due to a back-order of one of the products you ordered. If you have any questions please give us customer service department a call.

I do not see what I want online, can you guys special order it?
If you do not see something you need on our website, we can possibly special order it for you. Please contact our sales department and someone there will be able to assist you.

I want to do a group buy, can I get a discount?
No sorry, we do not offer group buys.  Please contact your nearest dealer for group buys if they offer..

How do I get a sponsorship?
For sponsorships, please contact our customer service department for an application. Once the applications are returned, we will review it and determine the status for you request.

Is your stuff like the Blue Class stuff?
Our products are beyond the quality and hype of the Blue Class body kits. We strive to present ourselves with an honest image, and only provide parts that are up to standards for aftermarket use. It is in our interests to sell you products that are dependable and we are not simply just selling a product but also our name and our guarantee to provide customer satisfaction.

Can I pick up my order?
Yes, you may set up a pick-up, or will call for your order.

Can I mix-n-match a kit?
Yes, you can mix-match a kit and still receive a full kit discount. For a price quote on a mix-match kit, please contact our sales department.

What kind of fiberglass do you guys use?
All our products are made with the highest quality standards: Strong, durable, smooth surface, and great fitment. If you want, some kits have upgrades available also. Please ask your sales reps for details.

Do you price match?
Our company strives to provide quality products at affordable prices. We guarantee lowest prices against our competitors. Simply give us a call to get a possible price matched quote.*

Why is the product I order suddenly on back-order?
Back-orders occur very suddenly and often times without prior notice. If the product you order was not on back-order at the time you ordered, it does not mean it will not go on back-order later on. Please contact our customer service department with any questions.

The product I got does not look exactly like the way I see it in the pictures?
The cars we use in our ads are all custom show cars. Due to the variety of custom modifications done to them, the results may differ from the pictures. As always, pictures are for illustration purposes only. Generally speaking, the core styles will be the same.

What if I get my product and I don’t like it, can I return it?
If you received you product and you are not 100% satisfied, simply repackage the product in its original packaging, and return the product along with the receipt within 5 days after you receive it and we will give you a full refund of the product price. No receipt, no refund.**

Do your products come with warranty?
All products come with a limited manufacture warranty. The warranty cover shipping damages, guarantee low prices, and customer satisfaction. Once the products have been altered in any way, the warranty is voided.

Do the side skirts/fenders come as a pair?
Yes, all side skirts and fenders come as a pair, only.

Are these products street legal?
Some of the products we provide are for off-road use only. Please check with your local police department for laws governing your area.

If you don’t make a body kit for my car, can I custom fit another kit on there?
With the right amount of money and the right body shop, anything is possible. However, it has been seen over the years that doing custom installations such as this can alter a ruin the structure of the body kit. Thus it is not recommended by our company to cut and customize our kit to fit for a car that was not made for it.

Do your kits come painted?
No, our kits do not come painted. Since the possibility of different shades of each color, it is almost impossible for us to color match your car, when your car is not sitting in front of us. Thus we recommend you take it to a professional body shop to have the kits prepped, primed, and painted.

Are there pre-drilled holes?
Some of our most popular kits come with pre-drilled holes. It is part of our upgraded kits, so please as about it when speaking with a sales rep.

I emailed you yesterday, why have I not received a response?
Due to large amount of emails we receive each day, we might not be able to respond immediately. We treat all our customers the same, so we must answer our emails as they come. Please allow us at least 48 house to reply to all emails.

I left a message yesterday, but I have not received a return call, why?
Due to large amount of messages we receive each day, we might not be able to respond immediately. We treat all our customers the same, so we must answer our calls as they come. Please allow us at least 48 house to respond to all messages.

I want to set up a wholesale account, what should I do?
Give our wholesale department a call, and request for an application for wholesale accounts and ask for details.

I do not have a business check, what can I do?
To set up a wholesale account, you must be able to show us that you have a financial business account, such as a check, savings, or credit card account. Account must be in the business name.