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Company Info

Company Background

Thank you for your interest in becoming a distributor for Vision Autodynamics, Inc.  In year 2000, Vision Autodynamics’ competitive journey begun with providing customers with excellent care, affordable and quality products. The humble business was successfully incorporated in 2002 and still thriving in this fast-paced industry. Due to the lack of quality products on the market, the corporation has transformed into one of the leading wholesale manufacturers of aftermarket automotive products focusing on raising the bar of auto-exterior products.

Our Signature VFiber™ Line of Products, which includes not only from imports to domestics, trucks to SUV’s, but also the luxury line of applications.  VFiber™ uses a proprietary manufacturing technology only known to others as Pure-FRP (Pure Fiber-Reinforced-Plastic), Carbon Fiber, and Polyurethane.  What makes our Pure-FRP, Carbon Fiber, and Polyurethane so unique is a trade secret and thus far no other company in the industry has yet to replicate or achieve the same technique.  It is true that bonding other chemicals can increase flexibility, but for safety concerns, our engineers have decided not to jeopardize the safety of drivers with vehicles equipped with “floppy” Body Kits or parts with similar characteristics.

Our World Headquarters Distribution Center is currently housed in a facility situated in Chino, Southern California with a total storage space exceeding 75,000 sq. ft. to keep the largest variety of products in stock ready to ship anytime to customers worldwide.


What We Do

We transform ideas into realities. Vision Autodynamics prides its work on “Originality”.  We design and develop masterpieces for the dynamic aero fashion industry where Fashion meets Performance. Our products not only enhance aesthetically but also increase performance by reducing wind-drag, creating down-force, and deflecting any up-coming wind force that may slow you down during a race. We know what it’s like trailing by only 0.1 seconds.

Vision Autodynamics works with race car builders and auto-makers, evolving the vehicles according to their specific sizes, shapes, wind-flows, and to ensure even-weight distribution.  Each new design is drawn from the ground-up and rigorously reviewed to ensure that Vision Autodynamics designs are striking while encompassing simplicity to match the sophisticated aerodynamic look of the cars.


What We Offer

Vision Autodynamics offer 4 competitve wholesale levels to suit your needs, whether you are looking to become a dealer without having to commit to a large monthly purchase or would like to become a stocking warehouse distributor, we have what it takes to suit your needs. Drop-shipping is a service we provide to our distributors upon approval by your account executive. For more information, please contact our wholesale department during normal business hours or by email

Join the industry leader, partner up with Vision Autodynamics and become a dealer today!