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Body Kits at Vision Autodynamics
Vision Autodynamics, Inc. is the manufacturer of the premiere Body Kit Brand VFiber™. We manufacture thousands of custom body kits and other auto-body components for the aftermarket automotive industry. We have been recognized as one of the leading body kits manufacturer and wholesale distributor by nation-wide publications and on numerous web articles. Our world headquarters is situated in Chino, Southern California, USA. featuring a total storage space exceeding 75,000 square feet (this does not include our dedicated R&D space). To meet the daily shipping requirements, we have streamlined our packaging process by utilizing an automated order picker, and independent packaging stations for each specific task. Our warehouse stocks the largest variety of products ready to ship anytime. We offer three most popular materials in our manufacturing processes for Body Kits, Carbon Fiber Hoods, and all other auto-body products. They are known to be Pure-FRP, Carbon Fiber, and Polyurethane.

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- Short for Fiber-Reinforced-Plastic Body Kits. The Material is a special mixture of plastic-like chemical compound with fiberglass for reinforcement on the strength of the entity. VFiber™ Pure-FRP Body Kits are the cleanest form of FRP Body Kits available. They are strong, durable, and affordable due to its mixture of special plastic resins which is a trade secret only known to Vision Autodynamics, Inc. Pure-FRP Body Kits are widely accepted to the general consumers because of affordability and their ability for repair should there be any damages. They are also popular because their ease of customization.

triangle 2CARBON FIBER materials are very popular in the racing scene because of their extreme tensil strength and light weight properties. The costs, however, of carbon fiber raw materials are much higher compared to fiberglass and polyurethane. Carbon Fiber materials are mostly popular in car engine hood productions, often known as Carbon Fiber Hoods. Due to its distinct pattern of carbon weaves, they provide a good look appeal and users often leave them as-is and do not require painting over them.

triangle 1POLYURETHANE BODY KITS are very flexible and durable, however they tend to be on the heavier side of all three materials and they often cost more in production and thus higher final product costs. Polyurethane products do have similar characteristics as plastics due to their ability to flex back after absorbing small impacts, but because of it's high production costs, they are less likely to be chosen as the primary source of material for Body Kits.

VFiber Body Kit 01 VFiber Body Kit 02 VFiber Body Kit 03
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The Official VFiber Seal of Authenticity  

To further protect our loyal customers, we have taken additional security measures to avoid unauthorized selling of counterfeit VFiber™ Products. With prior approval, Authorized Dealers must display "The Official VFiber™ Seal of Authenticity" in all channels of trade. This Seal represents that the Company is legally authorized to distribute VFiber™ Products, and covered with Vision Autodynamics, Inc. Product Warranty. Likewise, Companies without this Seal are most likely conducting illegal business practices and our warranty will not be covered. Current dealers please contact your account representative for further instructions on how to obtain this Authenticity Seal.


Any unauthorized usage of the VFiber™ Authenticity Seal is a violation of Vision Autodynamics Corporation's intellectual property and will be strictly enforced. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent punishable by law.

  • Brand New State of the Art Manufacturing Plants-New for 2011! Allow fast precision product development and production with extremely strict quality control.
  • Product Protection-Outer packaging reinforced with heavy-dury dual-layer PE polymer plastics. Extra padded corners for "Maximized" product protection. Surpasses all industry standards.
  • Superior Product Finish-Extremely strong and durable. Requires minimum prep-work, will save you lots of money on overall installation costs.
  • Pre-Installed Diamond-Cut Mesh Grilles-All products come standard with pre-installed heavy-duty diamond-cut mesh grilles where applicable FREE of charge.
  • Complements with Body Kit Orders-All orders come with Installation Instructions, Brand New Hardware Set, FREE decals and/or Chrome Metal License Plate Frames (based on availability)
  • 12-Point Shipping Checklist-Precise shipment inspections to ensure total customer satisfaction upon package(s) arrival.
  • Hassle-Free Return-Should you decide not to keep your order upon arrival, simply contact us immediately while the deliverying trucking company is still present. (Keep in mind that the cost of S&H will be your responsibility)
  • Product Replacement-We'll gladly replace all beyond defective products with proper evidence.
  • The Best of All-Lower Prices for 2011! Owning a body kit is even more affordable! (Dealers contact us for updated product feed today!)
ACURA BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits CL Body Kit 01-03, Integra Body Kit 90-93, Integra DC2 Body Kit 94-97, Integra DC2 Body Kit 98-01, Integra JDM Body Kit 94-01, Legend Body Kit 91-95, RSX Body Kit 02-04, RSX Body Kit 05-06, TL Body Kit 99-03, TSX Body Kit 04-08, Vigor Body Kit 92-94
AUDI BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits A4 Body Kit 96-01, A4 Body Kit 02-05
BMW BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits 1-Series (E82) Body Kit 08-10, 3-Series (E36) Body Kit 92-98, 3-Series (E46) Body Kit 99-05, 3-Series (E90) Body Kit 06-10, 3-Series (E92) Body Kit 07-10, 5-Series (E39) Body Kit 97-03, 5-Series (E60) Body Kit 04-10, Z4 Body Kit 03-05, Mini Cooper S Body Kit 02-06
CADILLAC BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits Escalade Body Kit 02-06 , Escalade EXT Body Kit 02-06
CHEVROLET BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits Astro Van Body Kit 95-04, Beretta Body Kit 88-96, Blazer Body Kit 95-04, Camaro Body Kit 82-92, Camaro Body Kit 93-97 , Camaro Body Kit 98-02, Camaro Body Kit 10-UP, Cavalier Body Kit 88-94, Cavalier Body Kit 95-99, Cavalier Body Kit 00-02, Cavalier Body Kit 03-05, Cobalt Body Kit 05-10, Corvette Body Kit 05-10, Impala Body Kit 00-05, Malibu Body Kit 97-03, Malibu Body Kit 08-10 , Monte Carlo Body Kit 00-05, Pick-up 1500 Body Kit 88-98, Pick-up 2500 Body Kit 88-98, S10 Body Kit 94-04, Silverado Body Kit 99-02, Suburban XL Body Kit 00-06, Tahoe XL Body Kit 00-06
CHRYSLER BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits 300/300c Body Kit 05-10, Sebring Body Kit 95-00, Cirrus Body Kit 95-00
DODGE BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits Avenger Body Kit 95-00, Avenger Body Kit 08-10, Charger Body Kit 06-10, Intrepid Body Kit 93-97, Neon Body Kit 95-99, Neon Body Kit 00-02, Neon Body Kit 03-05, Magnum Body Kit 05-10, Stratus Body Kit 95-00, Stratus 2dr Body Kit 01-02, Stratus 4dr Body Kit 01-06, Stealth Body Kit 91-93, Stealth Body Kit 94-98, Ram Body Kit 1500 02-10, Ram Body Kit 2500 02-10, Ram Body Kit 3500 03-10
EAGLE BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits Eagle Talon Body Kit 90-91, Eagle Talon Body Kit 92-94, Eagle Talon Body Kit 95-96, Eagle Talon Body Kit 97-99
FORD BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits Contour Body Kit 98-00, Escort Body Kit 97-02, Escort Body Kit 91-96, Escort ZX2 Body Kit 98-03, Expedition Body Kit 97-98, Expedition Body Kit 99-02, Explorer Body Kit 02-05, F150 Body Kit 97-98, F150 Body Kit 99-03, Focus ZX3 Body Kit 00-04, Focus ZX5 Body Kit 00-04, Fusion Body Kit 06-10, Mustang Body Kit 84-86, Mustang Body Kit 87-93, Mustang Body Kit 94-98, Mustang Body Kit 99-04, Mustang Body Kit 05-09, Mustang Body Kit 10-UP, Probe Body Kit 93-97
GMC BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits Yukon Body Kit 00-06, Yukon Denali Body Kit 01-06, Yukon Denali XL Body Kit 01-06, Yukon XL Body Kit 00-06,
HONDA BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits Accord Body Kit 90-93, Accord Body Kit 94-97, Accord Body Kit 98-02, Accord Body Kit 03-07, Civic 4dr/HB Body Kit 88-91, Civic EG Body Kit 92-95, Civic EK Body Kit 96-98, Civic EK Body Kit 99-00, Civic Si EP3 Body Kit 02-05, Civic FG1/2 Body Kit 06-09, CRX Body Kit 88-91, CRZ Body Kit 11-UP , Del Sol Body Kit 93-97, Fit (US Spec) Body Kit 07-08, Prelude Body Kit 88-91, Prelude Body Kit 92-96, Prelude Body Kit 97-01, S2000 Body Kit 00-10
HYUNDAI BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits Accent Body Kit 00-02, Elantra Body Kit 96-00 , Elantra Body Kit 01-03, Elantra Body Kit 04-06, Genesis 2dr Body Kit 10-11, Tiburon Body Kit 97-99, Tiburon Body Kit 00-02, Tiburon Body Kit 03-06
INFINITI BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits G35 Coupe Body Kit 03-07 , G37-S Coupe Body Kit 08-10
JAGUAR BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits XK Body Kit 06-09
KIA BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits Soul Body Kit 09-10
LEXUS BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits GS-Series Body Kit 98-05, GS-Series Body Kit 06-07 , IS-Series Body Kit 00-05, SC-Series Body Kit 92-00 , SC-Series Body Kit 06-10
LINCOLN BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits Navigator Body Kit 98-02
MAZDA BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits Mazda 3 Body Kit 04-08, Mazda 6 Body Kit 03-08, Mazda 626 Body Kit 93-97, Miata MX5 Body Kit 90-97 , Miata MX5 Body Kit 98--05 , MX3 Body Kit 92-95, MX6 Body Kit 93-97, Protege Body Kit 99-03 , Protege Body Kit 01-04, Protege5 Body Kit 02-03, RX7 Body Kit 86-92, RX7 Body Kit 93-97, RX8 Body Kit 04-08
MERCEDES BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits CLK W208 Body Kit 98-02,CLK W209 Body Kit 03-09, ML320 Body Kit 98-01, ML430 Body Kit 99-01, SL Body Kit 03-08
MERCURY BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits Cougar Body Kit 99-02
MITSUBISHI BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits Eclipse Body Kit 90-91, Eclipse Body Kit 92-94, Eclipse Body Kit 95-96, Eclipse Body Kit 97-99, Eclipse Body Kit 00-05 , Eclipse Body Kit 06-09, EVO 8 / 9 Body Kit 03-07, Galant Body Kit 99-03, Lancer Body Kit 02-03, Lancer Body Kit 04-07, Lancer Body Kit 08-10, Mirage Body Kit 97-02
NISSAN BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits 180SX S13 Body Kit 89-94 , 240SX S13 Body Kit 89-94 , 200SX Body Kit 95-99, 300ZX Z32 Body Kit 90-96 , 350Z Z33 Body Kit 03-08, Altima Body Kit 93-97, Altima Body Kit 98-01 , Altima Body Kit 02-04, Altima Body Kit 05-06, Maxima Body Kit 95-99, Maxima Body Kit 00-03, Sentra Body Kit 91-94, Sentra Body Kit 95-99, Sentra Body Kit 00-03, Sentra Body Kit 04-06
OLDSMOBILE BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits Alero Body Kit 99-04
PONTIAC BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits Fiero Body Kit 84-89, Grand AM Body Kit 92-95, Grand AM Body Kit 96-98 , Grand AM Body Kit 99-05 , Grand Prix Body Kit 97-03, Grand Prix Body Kit 04-09, Sunfire Body Kit 95-02, Sunfire Body Kit 03-05, Trans AM Body Kit 98-02
PORSCHE BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits 911 Body Kit 99-01
SATURN BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits Ion Body Kit 03-07, SC Body Kit 91-96, SC2 Body Kit 01-03, SL Body Kit 96-99
SCION BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits TC Body Kit 05-10, xA Body Kit 04-06, xB Body Kit 04-06
SUBARU BODY KITS Bullet Point Specific Car Body Kits Impreza Body Kit 93-01 , WRX Body Kit 02-03, WRX STi Body Kit 04-05 , WRX STi Body Kit 08-10
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